July 12: The Road Map to Truth Tour: Discussion and Strategy Meeting w/ Palestinian Activists

New York Solidarity Movement for a Free Palestine

with Jews Against the Occupation, Al-Awda, and The Brecht Forum Present:

The Road Map to Truth Tour: Discussion and Strategy Meeting w/ Palestinian Activists

Palestinian activists Maha Nassar and Ala Azzeh will speak on their work, the current peace process, and ideas about solidarity work. There will be lots of time for discussion and Q&A. Reception to follow. Food and drinks will be sold to help raise money for Palestine solidarity work.

Saturday, July 12 7:30 PM Brecht Forum 122 W 27th. St. 10th Floor New York, NY 10001 brechtforum.org (212) 242-4201

Sliding Scale: $10, $8, $6

New York Solidarity Movement for a Free Palestine is a predominantly people of color organization comprised of activists from varied communities in New York City with a history of mobilizing around domestic and international struggles for economic and racial justice.  We believe our struggles for self-determination and resistance to imperialism are linked to and aided by the Palestinian fight against occupation. We are honored to have activists Maha Nassar and Ala al Azzeh in New York speaking with our communities about the Palestinian struggle.

Maha Nassar is the elected chairperson of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees. She is also chairperson of the board of trustees of the Alternative Information Centre (a joint between Palestinian and Israeli Progressives who look for a secular democratic state in Palestine).  She has been a secondary school physics teacher for 26 years and a member of teacher’s union for the 20 past years. Maha is a former prisoner who was held in Israeli jails during the first and the second Intifadas. She was also held under house arrest for 6 months during the first Intifada.

The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees is a grassroots or mass based women’s organization that does work in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Their main goal is to raise women’s awareness about their social, economic, and political rights, and also to encourage women to play a role in civil society. Their programs also take into consideration the critical situation of the Palestinian people the aggressive, violent nature of the Israeli occupation.

Ala al Azzeh is a founding member of the Handala Center, a youth center in Beit Jibrin refugee camp, where he coordinates projects with international and local NGOs. He previously worked with the Alternative Information Center in Bethlehem where he served as a youth organizer who put together speaking events, group outings and discussions related to relevant political/cultural/social issues. Currently a graduate student at Bir Zeit University studying International Relations, Ala has also been active in the Palestinian student movement at Bir Zeit, Bethlehem, Al Quds, and Universities. Finally, Ala volunteers as an editorial assistant, translator, and consultant for Between the Lines, an alternative English language magazine dedicated to providing alternative and critical information and analysis on developments in Palestine from a progressive perspective. He is currently working with the staff to create an Arabic version of the magazine.