September 28: March on the Anniversary of the Intifada!

On the Third Anniversary on the Intifada MARCHES AND RALLIES ACROSS THE U.S. AND AROUND THE WORLD Sunday, September 28th, 2003 @ 1pm END THE OCCUPATION in Iraq, Palestine & […]

On the Third Anniversary on the Intifada

Sunday, September 28th, 2003 @ 1pm
in Iraq, Palestine & Everywhere

Columbus Circle-59th & Broadway, NYC
Marching down to the Israeli Mission
ending with an hour of Culture, including
Arabic music, hip-hop, and much more!

Press Release:

September 28 Coalition to
End Occupation
In Iraq, Palestine, and Everywhere!

Gathering at Columbus Circle 1 p.m.
Mass March down Broadway to Israeli Mission

Media Advisory
September 22, 2003

Media Contacts: AMAF (718) 836-1454
Dustin Langley (917) 293-1138

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark; NY City Councilmember Charles
Barron; Saeed Ariqat, prominent Palestinian-American journalist and DC
Bureau Chief of Al-Quds newspaper; Brenda Stokeley of NYC Labor
Against the War; and other community leaders to say: “End the Occupation!”

Thousands to March Against Occupation on the Third Anniversary of the
Palestinian Intifada

The U.S. Administration, in defiance of united world opinion has again
stood with the most brutal Israeli repression of the Palestinian
people who are under total siege. The arrogant lone U.S. veto of the
UN resolution on Palestine has outraged the entire world. Continued,
targeted assassinations of  Palestinian leaders, many hundreds of
roadblocks, arrests, building of the new apartheid Wall, seizures of
land and buildings of settlements continues – all financed by the U.S.

Also in defiance of world opinion, the Occupation of Iraq continues
with roadblocks, arrests, roundups, shootings of civilians, attacks on
religious and cultural sites while the most basic necessities of life
including food, drinkable water and electricity are still not assured.

In the U.S., Bush has presented a new demand for an additional $87
BILLION to pay for war and occupation of Iraq. This is more than the
entire Federal budget for education – kindergarten through university,
job and skill training, and all social programs combined. The cost of
endless wars and maintaining U.S. troops in over 140 countries is
destroying every social program at home. Only a growing and determined
people’s mobilization, involving a coalition of diverse communities,
can reverse this criminal and bankrupt policy.

A global movement is rising to challenge George W. Bush’s global
empire.  On Sunday, September 28, this movement will take to the
streets in New York City and throughout the world to say,

“END OCCUPATION in Iraq, Palestine and Everywhere!
No to EMPIRE! No to Colonialism!
No intervention in Afghanistan, Korea, the Philippines, Africa and
Latin America!

The march will begin with a 1:00pm Rally at Columbus Circle, gathering
along Central Park South where 59th St, Broadway & 8th Ave all
converge. We will March South down Broadway. There will be stops at
the Colombian, Philippine, and Korean missions and the Ending Rally at
3:30 pm in front of the Israeli Mission to the UN at 42nd St and 2nd
Ave. The program includes prominent speakers such as City Councilman
Charles Barron, Saeed Ariqat – prominent Palestinian-American
journalist and DC Bureau Chief of Al-Quds newspaper, Brenda Stokeley
of NYC Labor Against the War, and Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey
Clark along with representatives from many international solidarity
organization in NYC. The program will also feature an exciting mix of
music and culture of many of the occupied countries, including Korean
drummers,  Palestinian hip hop artist Hassan Salan, Movement in
Motion, spoken word artist Tylibah, and others.

A World-Wide Movement Against Occupation

Marches, rallies, and other events will be held worldwide, timed to
coincide with the third anniversary of the second Palestinian Intifada
on September 28. In solidarity with the call issued by the Arab
progressive movement, events will take place in over 40 countries,

Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus,
Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India,
Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico,
Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines,
Poland, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Syria,
Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

New York City Endorsers Include:

Al Awda NY-NJ, the ANSWER Coalition, Arab Muslim American Federation,
Blacks Against War Coalition, Casa de las Americas, Central NJ
Coalition for Peace and Justice, Committee in Support of the Iraqi
People, Committee to Stop US War on Colombia, Congress for Korean
Reunification, Cuba Solidarity NY, D12 Coalition, the GABRIELA
Network, Green Party USA, International Action Center, Korea Truth
Commission, Korean American National Coordinating Committee,
Mid-Hudson National Peoples Campaign, Movement in Motion Arts
Collective, Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines,
NJ Solidarity- Activists for the Liberation of Palestine, NY Committee
to Defend Palestine, NODUTDOL for Korean Community Development, Not In
Our Name – NION, Palestine Action at Union Square-PAUSe, Queers for
Peace and Justice, Radical Women, San Romero Church, SNAFU- Support
Network for an Armed Forces Union