Al-Awda condemns the Assassination of Sheikh Yasin

AL-AWDA NY-NJ adamantly condemns the cold blooded and cowardly murder of the Palestinian Hero and Martyr, Sheikh Ahmed Yasin.

The savage execution of Sheikh Yasin is yet more evidence of the genocidal objective of the ZionistEntity known as Israel. This act clearly demonstrates the Zionist Entity’sintent to remain in occupation, to continue building the Apartheid Wall, and tomaintain permanent military and physical control of Palestine.

Nonetheless, the murder of Sheikh Yasin will not stop the resistance of the Palestinian Peopleand their supporters in the fight for survival, independence and return. Infact, this will only serve to strengthen the resolve of Palestinians.

This provocative act of war must not go unaddressed by any government andorganization claiming to stand for justice.

As millions in Palestine and across the world stand together in mourning andsolidarity, we in NY will stand with them.Tuesday March 23rd at 5pm we will hold a demonstration in front of the ZionistApartheid Israeli Mission which will be followed by a Memorial for the Martyred Sheikh in Bay Ridge, Widdi Catering Hall at 5606 6th avenue Brooklyn at 7:30PM…R train to 59th or 53rd street

The call to action is called in conjunction with the following organizations:
The Arab Muslim Federation
The National Council of Arab Americans
New Jersey Solidarity
Palestine Solidarity Group
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
International Socialist Organization
Committee To Defend Palestine-NY