Call to Action: Against the Apartheid Wall!


Sat. 7/31 12:00 noon.

On July 30, Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists will begin a 3-week Freedom March along the route of the Apartheid Wall from Jenin to Jerusalem. The resistance in Palestine has asked supporters of a free Palestine all over the world to plan actions in support of the Freedom March.

On Saturday, July 31, Palestine solidarity activists in New York will march in Manhattan from 7th Ave. at 39th Street (where the needle and button statue is) to 5th Avenue at 59th Street in opposition to the Israeli army´s illegal Apartheid Wall and in support of the courageous Palestinian resistance to the ghettoization of the West Bank. Our action begins at 12:00 noon. Our rally at 5th Avenue will include speakers calling in from the march in Palestine.

We are demanding that the Israeli government dismantle the Apartheid Wall immediately, and compensate Palestinians whose property was destroyed by the Wall. We demand an end to Israeli Army attacks on non-violent demonstrators. We demand an end to the Occupation, and full implementation of the Palestinian Right to Return.

Join us! The NYC Freedom March is endorsed by Jews Against the Occupation/NYC, Al-Awda/NY-NJ, SUSTAIN/NYC, the NY Committee to Defend Palestine, and New York City Labor Against the War