Support Palestinian Prisoners on Strike

For Immediate Release
20 August, 2004

Please Distribute Widely

Never Forget Our Comrades, Our Brothers and Sisters
Write to Striking Palestinian Prisoners

Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition is sponsoring a letter writing campaign of support to Palestinian prisoners, especially those who started a hunger strike on 15 August 2004.

We are asking organizations and individuals from all over the world to send their letters of support to our comrades in Israeli prisons to: palprisoner@…
or by fax to: 1-928-752-8355 .

We will then present these letters to the prisoners and their families.

Over 7500 Palestinian men, women, and children are currently being held in Israeli prisons. The prisoners are denied all basic human rights guaranteed to them under international law. Many are being tortured.

These prisoners are resisting the brutal Zionist occupation of Palestine in all of its formations and it is essential that we support them.