Art Exhibition: Representation & Misrepresentation

Sept 24 – October 3, 2004

Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver Street
4th floor
New York, NY

Part of the Festival of Cultural Resistance


Art Exhibition Opening Reception
Friday September 24
7 – 10 pm

Join us as we launch the Festival of Cultural Resistance with an opening reception. Works will be displayed by Palestinian and solidarity artists:

Haifa Bint-Kadi

Haifa Bint-Kadi, an Arab-American Muslim, is an award-winning, nationally exhibited mosaic tile and glass artist working in the Arts for more than 15 years. She has degrees in Communications, English and Mosaic Tile Arts. Her mosaic studies were accomplished in Terni, Italy under Italian master mosaic tile craftsmen at the Ravenna School of Art. Ms. Bint-Kadi is also an arts educator and firmly believes that no child is too young to have their creativity developed and nurtured

Samia Halaby

Samia Halaby is a Palestinian artist born in Quds prior to the nakba. She has taught in American universities for seventeen years ending with ten years at the Yale School of Art. She is the author of “Liberation Art of Palestine.” Her work is on display in museums around the world, and she has been featured in numerous one-artist shows internationally.


Kevin Noble

Kevin Noble is an artist from New York who works primarily in painting, drawing and photography. He is founding member of the Culture & Conflcit Group which aims to challenge the assumptions that art is nuetral in any given context. His recent series of photograhs, ‘Irish Republicans: Ireland and America’, was shown at the CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, New York, and as part of the ‘Terrorvision’ exhibition at Exit Art in New York. He lives and works in New York.


Jackie Salloum

Jackie Salloum is a Palestinian/Syrian artist who works in video, digital printing and sculpture. Her work deals explicitly with the oppression of the Palestinian people and anti-arab sentiment in the west. Foscusing on cultural resistance she is currently working on a video exploring the growth of Hip Hop in Palestine. Her work has been exhibited widely, including solo and group shows in New York, Chicago and Ireland. She lives and works in New York.


Meir Gal

Meir Gal is an artist from Jerusalem whose work in Photography and Installation explores the legacy of racism and militarism in the Isreali state. He has exhibited internationaly, most recently in Zurich, Switzerland where he produced an extensive installation piece dealing explicitily with the construction of the Aparthied wall in Palestine. He currently lives and works in New York.


Frankie Quinn

Frankie Quinn is a photographer from Belfast, Ireland whose work has explored every aspect of life under British occupation in his native city. He has exhibited internationaly and has recently traveled to palestine on two occasions to document to the affects of the ongoing Israeli occupation on the lives of the Palestinan people. he currently lives and works in Belfast, Ireland.


Cynthia Large

Cynthia Large works primarily in painting and in marquetry. Her work has explored the historical impact of British rule in Ireland and the dispossession of the Palestinian people in 1948. She has exhibited widely including recent exhibitions at Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago, and as part of the Culture and Conflcit Group, in Galway and Derry, Ireland. She lives and works in New York.


Dean Bardouka

Dean Bardouka , an artist of Syrian descent, works in painting, design and sculpture and produces work that testifies to the importance of taking pride in the spirit of resistance in Arab Culture. His drawings depict the spirit of resistance of the Palestinian people and his work in screenprinting and metal celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Arab world. He lives and works in New York.


Conor McGrady

Conor McGrady is an artist from the north of Ireland whose drawings and paintings explore the impact of military occupation. He has exhibited widely with a recent solo show in Red Dot Gallery, New York. He is a member of the Culture & Conflcit group and currently lives and works in New York.