Palestine contingent at the Million Worker March

On Sunday, October 17, 2004, a historic march will take place, bringing together the labor movement and the antiwar movement to call for justice at home and around the world! This march, the Million Worker March, is a massively important undertaking, mobilizing workers from across the US to stand in solidarity with one another and workers around the world, and needs the broadest support and solidarity possible!

In Palestine, Palestinian workers are struggling for justice in their homeland. Throughout the history of the Palestinian national liberation movement, Palestinian workers have been at the forefront of that struggle, organizing unions and strikes and giving their lives in the fight for dignity and justice in Palestine. Palestinian workers around the world have struggled against oppression and exploitation and for their right -and the right of all refugees – to return to Palestine!

Workers in the US and workers in Palestine are natural allies, yet for far too long, the labor movement in the US has stood aside in the face of apartheid and oppression and while trade union movements around the world have supported the cause of Palestine, the full potential of an alliance between US workers and Palestinians fighting the same enemies and oppressors has not been realized. The historic Million Worker March is time to change all that!

Join the Palestine Contingent at the Million Worker March to join a labor fightback from Palestine to the US and raise our voices in unity for justice for workers everywhere in the world, liberation for Palestine, and return for Palestinians! We call on all Palestine community and Palestine solidarity groups to join the Million Worker March on Sunday, October 17 carrying the banner of labor and the flag of Palestine high, united and proud!


From New York City, bus tickets are available from Al-Awda and the New York Committee to Defend Palestine! Buses will leave early Sunday morning. To reserve your bus tickets today, email

From New Jersey, bus information is available from New Jersey Solidarity-Activists for the Liberation of Palestine. To reserve your bus tickets today,

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