Demo Postponed Due to Snow – All Out January 9!

In light of the massive disruptions even on subway transportation, Al-Awda NY is regretfully postponing today’s scheduled demonstration.

Instead, we are beginning to plan for a major mobilization on Sunday, January 9th.

 In addition to marking the second anniversary of the genocidal attacks which began Dec. 27th, 2008 and ran for 22 days, the protest will also denounce the recent threats of war issuing from the Zionist regime.
Time and place will be announced soon.

The genocidal nature of the attacks two years ago awakened the world to Zionism’s inherent inhumanity. The human impact of these murderous attacks has never been so eloquently expressed as in this blog entry from a Gaza teenager posted on Christmas Day:
The possibility of a repeat of the attacks — on an even bigger scale — has escalated just in the last two weeks, as Israel has carried out rocket and airplane attacks, as IOF snipers continue to murder farmers and shepherds hundreds of yards away from the “border,” and as Zionist officials threaten new, even more murderous attacks than two years ago (see quotes below). Meanwhile inside ’48 Palestine, racist mob violence against Palestinians and Africans, inspired by the government’s newest racist laws and regulations, is mushrooming.

Threats by Zionist officials in recent days:
* “‘I hope there is no need for another operation like ‘Cast Lead’ Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom told public radio ahead of a cabinet meeting. ‘But if this situation continues… then, obviously we will have to respond and respond with all our force.” (Maan News)
* “Israeli political sources in Jerusalem said Saturday that Israel would respond strictly to any attempt to escalate violence in the Gaza Strip. They warned the coming confrontation would be tougher and shed more blood. ‘The situation in the south seems to be worsening rather than cooling down,’ the sources said.” (Maan News)
* “On Wednesday, a senior Zionist military officer promised a future attack on the people of Gaza: ‘As long as Hamas remains in power, it is only a question of time before there is another conflict.’ And Chief-of-Staff Lt-Gen Gabi Ashkenazi warned. ‘The situation in the south is very fragile and explosive.'” (source: BBC)

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All out January 9th!

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