Jan. 25: Take Action to Protest FBI and Grand Jury Repression!

Federal Building
26 Federal Plaza
March to Justice Department at 1 St. Andrew’s Plaza
New York, NY
*** Protest at the federal building at 26 Federal Plaza from 4:30-6:00, with a march from the Federal Building to the Justice Department at 1 St. Andrew’s Plaza stepping off at 6:00pm, and congregating at St. Andrew’s Plaza from 6:15 until 6:30pm. ***


On January 25th, activists will be facing the US Attorney at a Grand Jury hearing in Chicago. The repression of the FBI raids was just the beginning. The January 25 Grand Jury hearing is where the subpoenaed activists face possible immediate jail time.

Thus, at 4:30pm we will begin our protest outside the FBI office at 26 Federal Plaza. Then at 6pm, we will march and bring our message of protest to the US Attorneys at 1 St. Andrew’s Plaza whose counterparts in Chicago will be dragging activists before a Grand Jury hearing that very day.

To learn more about this important action and why Palestine and Palestinian activists are being targeted, read more at: http://www.stopfbi.net.