March 15: Solidarity with Palestine’s 15th March Demonstrations

Solidarity Rally with Palestine’s “15th of March” Demonstrations

Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 4:00 ~ 6:00pm

The Palestine Permanent Mission, 115 East 65th Street (between Park & Lexington Avenues)

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Please join us as we rally to show solidarity with the Palestinian “15th of March” demonstrations occurring all over Palestine. We rally to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, as well as voice their demands here.

Palestinians all over the world demand the following:

1. End the Oslo Agreements
2. Dissolve the Palestinian Authority, particularly the role of the PA in security cooperation with Israel
3. National unity and reconciliation based on rebuilding the Palestine Liberation Organization
4. Full democratic representation of Palestinians all over the world and democratic PNC elections
5. Release of Palestinians imprisoned due to their political affiliations

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CO-SPONSORED BY:, TURATH Arab Student Association

If your group would like to co-sponsor, please contact us on the facebook wall for endorsement.