March 31: Protest Attacks on Gaza!

If you would like endorse this action, please email “Existence Is Resistance”

Existence is Resistance Flashmob 3/31! Stop Israel From Attacking Gaza!

Union Square, NYC
6:30pm directly following the Women In Black Vigil (Signs provided)

Violence is slowly escalating in Gaza. Recent weeks have shown more and more bombings and a major Israeli attack on civilians seems to be imminent. There are unconfirmed reports that the US government has told American citizens to leave Gaza within a week (now about 3 days). The latest strike on Sunday in the Jabaliya refugee camp has brought the death toll to at least 12, including civilians and children, and more than 50 have been injured, according to the Maan News Agency.

Any Israeli military action is also a US military action – using US tax payer money ($8 million sent to Israel per day) and US made weapons. WE MUST NOT WAIT FOR ANOTHER CAST LEAD!

Please also see this email from a friend and fellow activist (dated 3/26/11) who is currently on the ground in Gaza describing recent violence:

One of the sweetest, dearest friends I’ve made here lost two of her cousins, militants of Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds Brigades, to a missile attack as they rode in a car through Gaza City on Tuesday. And the day before that, I attended the funerals of two teenagers killed by Israeli fire as they walked near the border.

There was another attack on Tuesday that was particularly awful:
And here’s one of numerous articles about the two teenagers:

Endorsing Organizations:
Free Palestine Movement, ISM – Northern California, Siegebusters Working Group, Al-Awda New York: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition