April 9: Repression and Resistance – Confronting FBI Attacks

Confronting FBI Attacks on the Arab Community, Palestine Solidarity and Free Speech

Featuring HATEM ABUDAYYEH, Arab community leader and FBI target

Saturday, April 9
7:00 PM
The Commons Brooklyn
388 Atlantic Ave., 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY

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Hatem Abudayyeh is the Executive Director of the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), a community based organization that supports the empowerment of Arab Americans and Arab immigrants across Chicagoland through organizing, advocacy, social services, youth development programming, and arts and culture. The son of Palestinian immigrants who themselves were leaders in Chicago’s Arab community, Hatem’s home was raided by the FBI on September 24th, where he was served a grand jury subpoena along with 13 other anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists that day.

Hatem is one of now seven Palestinians (out of 23 activists) caught in this investigation. Palestinian community and Palestine solidarity work is being targeted and criminalized in this case – which is also an attack on all of our rights to freedom of speech, assembly, association and dissent.

BACKGROUND ARTICLES: The first article talks specifically about Hatem’s case, the second article talks about the nature of these and other recent attacks on the solidarity movement and why we must stand together and continue our efforts. Also see stopfbi.net for the most recently updated literature.


Sponsored by Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition

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