June 5: Stand With Palestine: Protest the “Celebrate Israel” Parade

STAND WITH PALESTINE: Protest the “Celebrate Israel” Parade and Support the March Toward Jerusalem and Return Sunday, June 5 – 10:30 AM – 2 PM WEST SIDE of 5th Avenue […]
Protest the “Celebrate Israel” Parade and
Support the March Toward Jerusalem and Return
Sunday, June 5 – 10:30 AM – 2 PM
WEST SIDE of 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Sts, New York City

Subway:   R, N to 5th Avenue (use ONLY west exit marked Central Park South near downtown end of platform – the end furthest from Queens!); F to 57th St. (at 6th Av.); Q to 57th St.-7th Ave- PLEASE MAKE SURE to come from the WEST side

On Sunday, June 5th, Palestinian refugees will return en masse to the borders and attempt again to return to their homes and lands in occupied Palestine, following the May 15 marches for return. Returnees will hold peaceful marches raising the Palestinian flag and the names of their villages and towns, the keys to their homes, and certification papers in Marches towards Jerusalem and Return.

The Preparatory Commission for the Right to Return, a nonpartisan coordinating body, has requested supporters of the Palestinian liberation struggle throughout the world to hold solidarity actions on June 5th. We call on all to join in solidarity with the March Towards Jerusalem and Return and confront the “Celebrate Israel” parade by standing with Palestine.

On Sunday, May 15, the 63rd commemoration of the Nakba, Zionist troops responded with lethal force to demonstrations by unarmed refugees marching to return to their homes. Zionist forces killed at least 15 demonstrators on three borders (with occupied Gaza, Lebanon, and between Syria and the occupied Golan Heights), and wounded hundreds more. We marched in New York City on May 15 in solidarity with those marches, and we must come out again on June 5 to be clear – we celebrate Palestine, its people, its resistance, and the return of its refugees, and there is nothing to celebrate in racism, oppression, occupation and murder.

Sunday, June 5th marks the 44th anniversary of the completion of the occupation of Palestine, as well as the Syrian Golan and the Sinai; it is also the date of New York City’s “Celebrate Israel” parade, when government officials and the organized Zionist movement come together to celebrate racism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing. June 5, 1967 was a part of the ongoing Nakba that continues to this day – as well as part of a broader attack on the Arab people. Over 300,000 Palestinians were expelled and made refugees in 1967 – joining the over 750,000 expelled in 1948, when 78% of Palestine was occupied by Zionist armed forces.
40,000 Egyptians were killed by the Zionist armies as they invaded the Sinai, and all of Palestine, as well as the Syrian Golan, remains under occupation until this day. It is telling that this day – a day of continued expansionist and colonialist aggression – is the day that the Zionist movement chooses to “celebrate Israel.” On June 5, we must stand with Palestine – with freedom for all of occupied Palestine, from the river to the sea, and the return of 6 million Palestinian refugees to their homes and lands.

Join Us! Support the Right of Return!

Called by Al-Awda NY, US Palestinian Community Network – NY, Siege Busters Working Group, New York City Labor Against the War, Labor for Palestine, International Action Center, American Muslims for Palestine, National Lawyers Guild – New York City Chapter, Veterans for Peace – Chapter 034, New York City, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Hunter College Students for Justice in Palestine

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