Film Screening, Colonial Violence & Post-Trump Palestine Organizing

Tuesday, December 13 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Alwan for the Arts 16 Beaver St, New York City, NY 10004 Facebook: Second in Series: Zionist Colonizing Violence and the […]

Tuesday, December 13
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver St, New York City, NY 10004


Second in Series: Zionist Colonizing Violence and the Redemptive Power of Palestinian Resistance. Al-Awda-New York, The New York Chapter of the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, in Collaboration with Alwan for the Arts, invites you to an evening of FIRST NEW YORK SCREENING OF THE FILM “KUFR QASSEM” with popcorn & hot coca, DISCUSSION OF ALGERIAN REVOLUTION – anti-colonial and postcolonial lessons for Palestine- and POST-TRUMP PALESTINE/ORGANIZING-STRATEGY SESSION.

Sliding Scale Suggested Donation $10, $5 Hot Cocoa, Popcorn & Snacks Served.

On the evening of Monday, October 29, 1956 the Zionist Colonizing forces massacred men, women, children and the elderly in the Palestinian Town of Kufr Qassem, while they prepared to attack Egypt –with French and British help- and while the French were escalating their atrocities against the Algerian Anti-Colonial Liberation Struggle which was escalating its resistance. Where France was once the cross-roads of colonial expansion and exportation, it can be argued that “Israel” has ascended to that title exporting its tools of repression, colonization and expansion globally from Palestine to the U.S. to Ethiopia, Sudan and South America. Join us for a film on Zionist violence and to discuss colonial violence, resistance and lessons from the Algerian revolution.

The evening will start with the revival, and first ever-english-subtitled-showing of a film on the Zionist Colonizing Massacre of the town of Kafr Qassem, entitled, “Kufr Qassem.” (6-8pm) The film weaves the events of the decade into the Zionist Colonial Campaign and the Massacre, tying in the attacks on Egypt, Algeria and the British role in the region. This will be the first New York showing of this film and perhaps the first English subtitled showing ever. The film will be followed by a discussion on the impact of Zionist Colonizing Violence, Anti-Colonial Resistance in Algeria, and the aftermath and lessons from the Algerian Revolution with Algerian writer, activist and researcher, Brahim Rouabeh.(8-8:30) The night will close with a forum on Palestine/Palestinians Under Trump, the marriage of extremist Zionism with the presidential office, and workgroups.(8:30-10pm)

Brahim Rouabeh is an Algerian writer, activist and researcher. A co-founder and former president of the UK-based Algeria Solidarity Campaign. Mr Rouabah is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in Political Science at the City University of New York. His work focuses on postcolonial/de-colonial theory, North African politics, neoliberalism and postcolonial state-formation, and identity issues in International Relations. His writings have appeared in the Review of African Political Economy (RoAPE), Middle East Law and Governance(MELG), OpenDemocracy, Viewpoint and Jadaliyya.

We will close with a planning meeting on organizing for Palestine and the protection of Palestinians under Trump. We will have break out groups (to brainstorm and devise strategies) with follow up on proposals from the last open organizing meeting, including but not limited to the following open for change and creative input which is *most* welcomed:
1. Artists Bureau;
2. Decolonization/Preservation of Palestinian Culture Committee;
3. Community Based Defense/Popular Committees.
4. Palestinian Sanctuaries & Palestinian Refugee Support/Sponsorship Committee;
5. Inauguration Day Activities;
6. Committee to Integrate Palestinians in Gaza, Camps and Diaspora directly into Palestinian Solidarity work in the US
7. More to be shared on the day of.

Come watch, snack, listen, share, join a committee, build a beautiful community and a powerful movement.