Fighting Repression – Defending Civil Rights

We work closely with many organizations and targeted members of our community, as well as developing legal support networks for our communities under attack.

We are developing a comprehensive civil rights support program that includes challenging racism on all levels, a “know your rights” program that focuses on political rights and mobilization rather than coordination with police agencies, and a resource program that provides members of our community with trusted, reliable information and advice when confronting repression.

We view the struggle for civil rights as part and parcel of the broader struggle against racism and are united with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Desis Rising Up and Moving and other organizations of communities of color in confronting racism and repression and supporting political prisoners. Furthermore, we view this work as intrinsically linked to our political rights to achieve all Palestinian rights – the right to return, the right to self-determination, the right to national liberation. We will defend our rights from New York to Palestine!