Al-Awda Urgent Action Alert: Stop The Atrocities in Nablus!

There is a media blackout on atrocities being committed in Nablus, the nearby Balata Refugee camp and surrounding villages. The Israeli occupation forces have implemented an inhumane siege (10 days so far in Nablus, 18 days in Balata) with no allowance even for of medical care and basic necessities. Israeli occupation forces have already murdered and injured many civilians. Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition joins the International Solidarity Movement in requesting that you take urgent action now.
Actions Requested:

– Write, call and/or visit government officials. Write to your congressional representatives using this link:

– Write and Call media outlets and ask why they are ignoring the news of Nablus, Balata and Beit Foreek. Letters to the editor (150 words or less) or Opinion Articles (700-800 words) may be addressed to your favorite local, national or international newspaper or other media outlet. Each letter should be sent to one newspaper only and must include your name, address and phone number.

– Organize protests outside Israeli government embassies and consulates calling for an end to the occupation.

– Call for divestment from companies that conduct business with Israel.

Talking points:

– Every single entrance/exit to Balata has been sealed off completely. No food or Medicine is allowed in. Medical relief teams are being obstructed and at times completely prevented from passing through.

Activists from ISM (the International Solidarity Movement) were attacked while carrying out their missions to observe and bear witness on what the Israeli occupation authorities are brutalizing the Palestinian population.

Beit Foreek has been completely sealed off; its mayor reports that there are signs of starvation.

Amjad Bilal Masri, 15 year old, was shot while standing in front of his house. The sniper bullet hit Amjad in the back. He died on his way to the hospital. Rouhi Hazem Shouman and Amer Kathym Arafat were shot in the back by a sniper bullet.

Defying curfew, thousands of Palestinian citizens joined the funeral of those killed. Israeli occupation troops attacked the march with stun grenades, tear gas, rubber coated steal bullets and live ammunition. Details are difficult to come by as there has been a news black out.

Dr. Mustapha Barghouti has described the bloody campaign against Nablus as a “real war on this city whose other name, the Mountain of Fire, has basis in the steadfastness of Palestinians and their refusal to allow the Israeli military to break the Palestinian collective will to continue struggling for their rights.” “There is a completely news blockage of what’s going in Nablus,” Barghouti added, explaining that lack of news coverage has to do with “the negligence of the Palestinian Authority, PA, to assume its responsibility for the protection of the population.” “Instead,”Barghouti added, “the PA is wasting time and energy in useless meetings with the Israeli occupation government that is intent on destroying our people’s will.”