March 6: Today I am a Muslim too!


With our Muslim brothers and sisters


Congressman Peter King hearings, beginning March 9 in Congress to “Examine the Threat of Islamic Radicalization” is a “witchhunt” intended to spread fear and division. In the past King has said that there are “too many mosques in this country” and that Muslims are “an enemy living amongst us.” His hearings will fuel an ugly climate of racism, bigotry and further attacks on Muslim people.


Don’t be silent!

An injury to one is an injury to all


Together let’s send a message to Congressman Peter King:

Today, I am a Muslim too!


Join with peace groups, Islamic, Jewish and Christian groups and diverse community organizations in a massive, strong and respectful rally.

Sunday, March 6

2 – 5 PM

Times Square

42nd St & 7th Ave

Initiated by a coalition of Muslim, Jewish and Christian organizations standing in unity with Muslims under attack.  

Supporters include: International Action Center, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, United National Antiwar Committee – NYC, Peoples Video Network,  NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia, Bailout the People Coalition.